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Performance Type: One Man Play/Sequel

Performance Style(s): Drama

Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

This uplifting and funny show finds the light that only comes during the darkest days of the year. A soldier at war dresses as St. Nick and brings joy to kids who had no Christmas. Another soldier spends Christmas eve in a frozen cellar, yet feels a peace that stretches way beyond the battlefield. And a third story is set on the battlefield of a children’s hospital, where an act of kindness melts a cold, grinchy heart.  Sometimes, the sweetest moments of the Season come when things seem impossible. That’s where George Bailey found the angel Clarence, and where this heartwarming show brings light and peace. 


Logo Christmas in Combat opt2.png


The Accidental Hero - Show Beginning

Battle of the Bulge: Defense of Wirtzfeld

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